Aya Chalabee born in Baghdad. Living and working in Helsinki. She has been practicing art since childhood. Recently joined Helsinki Artist's Association art school (2022). She mainly uses oil paints on canvas and ink on paper.The key features of the production are the clear forms and experiential use of colors. With ink, she produce works with one color (black). Artist's main visual language is symbolism.
Previous experiences of war and displacement have left an impact on her way of constructing paintings. Each painting has two clear pieces as an expression of two times and two places. The use of bold and constracting colors as an expression of multiculturalism. While working with ink gives more space to express her vision of the world and the relationship between human and daily life.

As an artist, my goal is to make artworks through which I can understand life's experiences. I also try to make art out of my own questions so that they can raise questions in the viewers.